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Job's Prayer

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Textual Pleasures

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The sounds of silence

I was sitting on a camp site pit toilet listening to a currawong warbling to its mates in neighbouring trees. It ...more

Did You Know?

Only the Bedouin really know how to barbecue

You will be very hard pressed out doing the Bedouin people when it comes to celebrating a wedding. The traditional wedding feast is a spit roast.

I've come across a few variations on the recipe, though the following steps give you the idea:

  • prepare one boiled egg
  • stuff the egg into a chicken
  • stuff chicken into a lamb
  • stuff the lamb into a goat
  • stuff the goat into a camel
  • spike the camel onto the spit and set over a charcoal fire (preferably in in an open desert area)

A combination of garlic, coriander and butter appears to be a popular choice in the cooking of this mighty feast.

Now, have I told you about this old woman that swallowed a fly...

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